August 19, 2019
Please read the Application Guide and Brochure (PDF format) before you submit the application. If you have a question please email to
2. If you have sign-up previously start at step 4 of this guideline and use you existing username and password to login into GSM portal. Otherwise click the button 'SIGN-UP' at bottom of this page, then complete the details requested and click 'Sign Up'.
3. After clicking the 'Sign Up' your user account will be generated and upon successfull generation, your username and password will be shown. Then go to GSM portal login interface by clicking button 'ENTER GSM PORTAL' and login using given username and password.
4. Once you have successfully login into GSM Portal please click link Submit New Application. You need to enter Programme level and structure type of the programme you want to apply and the semester you want to enroll. Then click button NEXT.
5. Next find faculty/institute and field of study. Enter the keyword of the field of study you want to apply and then click button FIND. Once you have found the field of study click on it. Then click button NEXT.
6. Next find you potential advisor if already identified. Click button FIND and search the advisor. Once you have found the advisor click on it.
Note: If you have not identified your advisor yet just leave it blank.
7. Summary of the programme selected, Fee to pay, and credit hour required to graduate will be shown. If you are satisfied and wish to apply for the programme then click button NEXT. Enter the following information to complete your application:
i. Personal Details
ii Education background
iii. Working Experience
iv. Next of Kin
v. Financial Support
vi. Research proposal (for WITH THESIS programme only)
vii. English Language Proficiency (for international applicant only)
viii. Certification
1.Please click button NEXT to proceed until you reach item viii (Certification).
2.To confirm you application please click the check box on section Certification at the last stage.
8. Payment of processing fee;
a) Malaysian Nationals, RM60.
b) Foreign Nationals Residing in Malaysia, USD60.
c) Foreign Nationals, USD60.
Fee should be paid using a Bank Draft/Banker's Cheque, or Telegraph Transfer made payable to;

BURSAR, UPM, 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Account Number :
Bank Information;
UPM Branch, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Any payment from outside Malaysia can be made through:


Bank Account No: 1215-0005004-05-0

Bank Branch: UPM, Serdang

Swift Code: CIBB MYKL

9. Upon successful submission of your on-line application, please send the following documents via post: (before closing date set)
i) Report from two referees - form GSM/AK/02 (Attachment) (in sealed envelope and with signature accross it) (

Certified copy of first degree certificate(s)-two copies (Master's candidates). OR Certified copy of first and masters degree certificate(s)-two copies (for Ph.D. candidate).

iii) Certified copy of examination transcript(s)-two copies.
iv) Research proposal (for with thesis programme only)-two copies.
v) Certified copy of Identity Card–two copies (Local applicants).
vi) Payment document.
a) Bank draft or,
b) Copy of Telegraph Transfer form which has been processed by your bank.
vii) Summary of the application (form GSM/AK/01)
Additional documents required from International applicants:
i) Certified copy of TOEFL or IELTS result (s)-two copies.
ii) Certified copy of passport (pages with photograph, personal particulars and validity for at least one year) -three copies.
iii) Passport-sized photograph-fives copies.
iv) Financial guarantee-two copies.

Send or mail it to :-

Notes: Please write down your IC number (for Malaysian) or Passport number (For International applicants) on top left corner of the envelope.
10. To check your status or to edit your online application (before being processed) please login into GSM portal using this Username and Password.
Please click here to fill up the admission form